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The Science
of Great Sod

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The Big Yellow Bag®

BioGrass Black Garden™Soil

A whole cubic yard of Black Garden Soil. It's nutrient rich and comes in our popular Big Yellow Bag. Your garden's soil needs to be supplemented every year. Give it nutrient–rich Black Garden™ Soil, delivered in the big, re–sealable Big Yellow Bag. Unlike a load of dirt dumped in your driveway, a cubic yard of Black Garden Soil makes gardening easier and more enjoyable. And thanks to BioGrass Black Garden Soil, your plants will grow stronger and healthier, and need less fertilizer and water. 

BioGrass Natural Forest™Mulch: A coolant and protectant for your garden.

Does your garden need help keeping the weeds out?  Are you looking for a mulch without dyes that attract heat and leave an unnatural residue?  Are you looing for bark that will keep its color longer and smell like a forest?  To keep your garden clean and fresh, give it a layer of  Natural Forest Mulch, delivered in a big, re-sealable Big Yellow Bag.  Unlike countless bags of bark from the store, a cubic yard of Natural Forest Mulch delivered to your home makes gardening easier and more enjoyable.  And thanks to BioGrass Natural Forest Mulch, your garden will grow strong and healthy plants without all of the hassles of daily weeding, applying chemical herbicides, and overwatering.  Its natural color and fresh smell of a forest will keep your garden looking beautiful and clean all year long.                   

BioGrass Dark Forest™Mulch

Dark Forest Mulch is a ready to use mulch comprises of recycled wood (not demolition waste) and dried tree trimmings. The Dark Forest Mulch is shredded and screened and is dyed in a non-toxic and environmentally safe dark brown color.

Big Yellow Bag - BioGarden GROmix

BioGarden GROmix is a blend of our organic box compost, wood fines, peat moss and perlite fines in a sandy loam soil. This blend is ideal for planting directly into. If you are wanting a premium mix for garden boxes, planters or pots for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The BioGarden GROmix will accelerate growth and increase yield.

Big Yellow Bag - BioGrass Premium Topsoil

BioGrass Premium Topsoil is a ready to use soil comprised of sandy loam soil with black peat and pumice fines. BioGrass Premium Topsoil is ideal for filling holes and ruts in lawn areas, improving all soil conditions and for increasing sunken flower and shrub beds